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Get personalized career guidance during your program to help you craft your career action plan.
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Today's workplace is an ever-changing landscape and effective coaching can help you navigate.

Knowledge is amazing, but today's evolving work space makes applying what we know tricky. A professional coach can help you bridge the gap. Their role is to guide you in discovering and developing what makes you unique so you can make informed decisions about your professional path with a tailored growth plan. Develop discipline, flexibility, self-awareness, and autonomy and show future employers that as an elite professional, you stand out from the rest.

Learn to build a career suited for your personality.

A key part of iX Coach is to help you gain insight into the parts of yourself that make you whole and unique. This includes what motivates you, where your key strengths lie, and what areas can be worked on using credible and recognized tests.

Improve your EQ and deepen your relationships.

Developing your emotional intelligence is key to building strong professional relationships. Understanding how to empathize and communicate with your colleagues, clients and superiors is the cornerstone of success in the workplace.

Leverage your skills for the future.

The workplace of tomorrow will be markedly different from the one that existed even half a decade ago. Many jobs of the near future rely on unchartered territories within the work environment. Learn how to apply your skills to stay relevant in this changing landscape.

How the iX Coach add-on works.

Each pillar in our coaching model has its own themes and outcomes. You’ll learn about the world of work, and how to make it work for you.

Our Online Coaching includes:

  • Work with a dedicated professional coach who’ll get to know you as an individual.
  • Connect with alumni mentors leading careers at top companies who provide a wealth of industry-specific knowledge.
  • Custom-built trackers, dashboards and other useful tools to help you excel in life.
  • Practical tutorials and resources supporting each development topic.
All coaching sessions are conducted virtually.

Learn from seasoned professionals making waves in industry.

Get critical insights into what the working world is like today from professionals who have helped shape it. You will be introduced to your assigned career coach when you start your iX course.
Russell Cunningham
LinkedIn Link

Head of iX Coach

"Despite all that is going on in the world now, repurpose your time meaningfully: learn a new skill, discover something meaningful about yourself, be creative with getting the exposure you need to grow in ways that you want. There is a world of possibilities out there that is accessible to us through technology and a willingness to seek them out."

Coaching is taken as an add-on to an abroad program.

Explore your options, and build your ideal program.
Vera Xu, iX Alum

Duke University

"iX motivated me to always stay curious, and be prepared to learn fast. It proved that if I really want to learn something fast, given the resources, I can. To this day, in my spare time, I make it my goal to learn something valuable each month."

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Session 1: May 29 – July 9 (full)

Session 2: July 10 - August 20 (full)

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Admissions closed for 2022

Health and safety

Student health and safety is our #1 priority. All iX Campuses are COVID compliant, and we work hard to keep local communities safe.

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