When you join iX, you become a 10Xer.

Join iX,
become a 10Xer.

A workplace driven by personal growth and innovation.

Do you believe that education around the world could be 10x better?
That with a courageous mindset, creative ideas, and consistent action, a small group of people can make a massive impact?

When you join iX, you'll be challenged to get out of your comfort zone and embrace new ways of thinking with the goal of tackling one of the world's biggest opportunities: education. Become our students' lifelong growth partner.

For ourselves and our students, our mission is the same: Dream, Evolve, Connect.


Why are you here? What do you want to experience? How do you want to contribute to others? These are the questions that guide the journeys of our students and core team.


We challenge our team to be disciplined learners who continually evolve, step by step, day by day. At iX, it's OK to make mistakes—it's not OK to not learn from them.


We believe what makes work ultimately rewarding are the people you share your time with. We socialise together, hike, surf and gym together, and travel the world together doing the work we love.

Our values drive exceptional results, in our programs and at our company.


We believe that if your goals don’t make you a bit scared, then perhaps they aren’t ambitious enough. It's why we experiment and take bold, calculated risks. It's also why teammates give candid feedback, even when it's uncomfortable.


Building the future means weathering some intense storms. Consistency does not mean strict adherence to a checklist or formula for working. Instead, it is our ability to identify a set of simple habits that add a reliable rhythm to our work. Every day, every week, every quarter, every year.


We don’t believe creativity is restricted to any particular field or domain, or that some people are creative, while others are not. Rather, we believe creativity is an approach to problem-solving that invites fresh perspectives and embraces an ethos of experimentation.


We believe that if we act with integrity, purpose, and love, if we approach every interaction with a great spirit of mutual benefit, if we care deeply for ourselves and others with whom we share this journey, we will build a collective consciousness of which we can be proud.

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Our leadership.

Dedicated to innovation and continuous personal growth,
for our students and our employees.
Aaron Fuchs

Co-founder & CEO

"At first, iX was a passion project, then it became a profitable business, and has since shifted into something bigger. We have a significant responsibility to create something that impacts people's lives, whether it's the students who use the products we deliver, or our employees and the experience they have in the business."

Rafi Khan

Co-founder & CTO

"Until COVID, the education industry has not seen this type of change and innovation in a hundred years, and in a way we have a hundred years of debt, of things that have not changed. Now is the time to be in this space, to lead humanity into a new era of teaching and learning."

All of our leaders are experts in their fields with a passion for innovation in education.
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