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    Dive into Entrepreneurship
    in just 10 days.

    Dive into Entrepreneurship
    in just 10 days.

    Take a live online course with industry experts.
    Complete a real-world project you can add to your resume.
    For any major. No experience required.
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    What's the difference between failing ideas and wildly successful companies?

    The answer lies in effective entrepreneurship. Learn how to discern between ideas that are ineffective and ideas that have a real business opportunity. Through hands-on testing and validation outside of the classroom with real-life potential customers and clients, you will discover how to answer the questions "Should my product/service be built?" and, "How can I build a sustainable business around this set of products and services?"

    Chris Huang, iX Alum
    Founded successful startup, Better Nature
    "My time at iX laid down the foundation for me to get a place as a Summer Business Analyst at the McKinsey London office, where I was selected to join a cohort of 12 from over 7,000 applicants. But, rather than playing it safe, I decided to start Better Nature, and truly believe in what I do every day."

    Our Entrepreneurship alumni have gone on to work at

    First, build an in-depth, practical skill set.

    iXperience classes prepare you to create real-world value with just a few weeks of intensive learning.
    Identifying opportunities
    How to use your perspective on the world and creativity to conceptualize game-changing businesses.
    Evaluating ideas
    Using tools like the Business Model Canvas to bulletproof your ideas before the MVP.
    Rapid experimentation
    How to get your first product in front of users as fast as possible, and what to measure to ensure product-market fit.
    Marketing and positioning
    Building a breakthrough brand and compelling storytelling could be the difference between survival and death.
    Start-up finances
    What are the common financial and legal pitfalls? How can you lay a strong financial foundation for a new enterprise?
    Raising capital
    Angel investors, seed funding, and Series A. How to fund your start-up at various stages of growth.

    Then, apply your skills towards a social impact project.

    Get a taste of what it's like to apply your skills to improve the planet, and add your achievements to your resume.

    Create a social enterprise

    Example project you may work on

    Your social impact project will involve the development of a novel and sustainable solution for a social challenge. You will spend time experimenting, collaborating and designing your own prototype, framework and business model to address a specific social or environmental challenge identified by your group. You will present your social innovation and entrepreneurial business model in a pitch challenge for funding to a panel of seasoned entrepreneurs, and you will get the chance to get feedback into your model.

    Expert teachers who care about you as an individual.

    We limit class sizes and empower teachers to give individualized support and feedback to every student. You’ll gain invaluable perspective, and a mentor who will advise you throughout the program.
    Tarryn Valle
    Former CFO at investFeed

    My aim is for students to understand the financial services ecosystem and where they might want to fit in. Having a better understanding of the players and the roles they fulfill grounds theoretical financial knowledge in the real world.

    How iX Winter works.

    10 days of intensive class over two weeks.
    Program details
    January 4-15, 2021. Classes Monday - Friday.
    Live online classes from 12pm-2pm EST.
    2-4 hours of homework every week day.
    Certificate of bootcamp completion.
    Lifetime access to the iX alumni network.

    iX Winter is an intensive learning experience designed to help you make the most of your winter break.

    For the first week, you'll focus primarily on picking up new industry-relevant skills at a rapid pace. The second week, following a weekend break, will focus primarily on a social impact project that you can add to your resume and discuss in job interviews.

    Unlike many other online programs, you'll have support from your teachers and teaching assistants throughout the day so you're never stuck on a problem for too long.

    More about iX Winter
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    The most inspiring way to learn online.

    iX courses focus on rigor, engagement, and community.
    Rigorous & practical
    Your class projects will be connected to industry, in a format that you can show future employers.
    You'll have class daily, along with in-depth readings and assignments that will challenge you to learn quickly.
    Small class sizes
    We cap classes at 30 students, which means you'll get to know your classmates and teachers individually.
    We teach engaging, live seminar-style classes—not massive, streamed lectures. Expect lots of discussion and group work.
    Frequent feedback
    Your head teacher and TAs will review your work and give you actionable feedback to improve.
    They'll also provide guidance and support for your project, helping you achieve more than you could in ordinary working environments.

    Earn a certificate and showcase your work.

    You can share your Course Certificates in the Certifications section of your LinkedIn profile, on printed resumes, CVs, or other documents.
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    Max Martin
    Yale University

    "iXperience was a one-of-a-kind learning immersion. I gained experience and knowledge in ways I never had before. I can now say that I have incredible new skills and have used what I learned to make an impact at a startup company in Cape Town."

    from our alumni.

    Saloni Gandhi
    Carnegie Mellon University

    Taking an iX course really exposed me to the parts of the industry/work process that aren’t really obvious. Being able to visualize/apply the techniques and processes we learned was a crucial thing that I really liked about iXperience. The amount of feedback and advice you get is very valuable.

    Rohan Barad
    University of Michigan

    iX taught me how to learn actionable lessons and use it. Then, walk out with the confidence to start something yourself.

    Mayita Muvavarirwa
    University of Virginia

    iX was a challenging experience, which teached me how to think. It will push you to find your own devices and develop yourself. It's unlike any college course.

    Caroline Oudet
    Wake Forest University

    I was able to gain incredible skills through the iX program! Working remotely, I learned really important time management and prioritization skills that I believe will be so valuable to my future student and professional experiences.

    Tuition and financial aid.

    Since 2014, iX has dispersed more than $2 million in financial aid to enable access to our programs.

    Learn more about your options

    Dates and deadlines.

    Program dates

    January 4 - 15, 2021.

    Classes Monday - Friday, 12pm-2pm EST.

    Daily homework, which should take about 2-4 hours.

    Application deadlines

    October 22 - Early Decision: Highest chance of admission.

    November 24 - Regular Decision: Admission to talented candidates.

    December 28 - Late Deadline: Admission only to exceptional candidates.

    Ready to get a leg up in your future career?

    Admission is competitive and spots will fill up. Don't miss out.
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