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Management Consulting Online Course & Internship

Improve your business-oriented problem-solving and prep for case interviews. For any major.
No experience required.
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Major companies today rely on outside expertise to solve their biggest problems.

Management Consulting is the perfect career for anyone with intellectual smarts and analytical ability craving exposure to different industries before deciding their final career path – though for some, consulting is that path. People moving out of MC are in great demand in industries such as finance and banking, and are well-placed to become leaders in most organizational fields

What you'll learn in the Management Consulting program.
Lilly Chadwick, iX Management Consulting 2017
Student at Princeton University
"This class was one of the most rewarding classes I have ever taken, and I honestly could not have asked for a better teacher. Figuring out my career path now seems a little less daunting thanks to the iX teaching team."

iX Management Consulting alumni have gone on to work at

First, build an in-depth, practical skill set.

Career Semester classes prepare you to create real-world value with just a few weeks of intensive learning.
Hypothesis-Driven Analysis
Problem-solving through hypothesis driven analysis and critical thinking.
Data Analysis & Modeling
Data analysis principles and techniques, as well as modeling.
Case Interviews
A key hurdle to your dream job is the case interview: a mock business problem or quantitative oral exam.
Presentation Skills
Create compelling presentations and convince stakeholders.
Decision Trees
Developing issue trees and hypothesis trees.
Excel Wizardry
Advanced Excel analytical skills for complex data analysis.
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Then apply your new skills in an internship.

See how past students have created huge value in just four weeks.

Note that our partner companies and projects may change from year to year.


Based in Cape Town. Tap to learn more.

A Cape Town-based data analytics company that uses aerial imagery and machine learning algorithms to optimise crop performance for farmers.

Denk Fabrik

Based in Berlin. Tap to learn more.

Berlin based company DenkFabrik works on the adoption of blockchain technology in the real world through blockchain education and consulting.

Impulse Biomedical

Based in Cape Town. Tap to learn more.

Impulse Biomedical is an award-winning startup that focuses their engineering expertise on the accessibility and cost effectiveness of medical devices.

Meet your teacher, mentor, friend.

All of our teachers have backgrounds in both academia and industry, so they can teach you solid fundamentals and how to apply your knowledge.
Lebogang Poonyane
CEO at Global Capital Empowerment Private Equity Fund

As with most industries, the fourth industrial revolution will require that Management Consultants adapt to various environments and situations rapidly. Good consultants will need to learn how to learn and problem solve much faster in situations that are new and unfamiliar to their clients and the firms that employ them.

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Get a free info pack that includes:
Insights about the Management Consulting industry.
Post-graduate career options.
A detailed course and program outline.
Internship information and project examples.
Tuition and financial aid options.

from our alumni.

Tevyn Fudge
Duke University Class of 2023

This program has been the best summer experience of my life. I'm fortunate to have been a part of a fun, helpful community that taught me so much in such a short span of time. I highly recommend the Management Consulting course for anyone who wants learn how to be an effective team member at any organization.

Christopher Huang
Oxford Class of 2018

From performing market analyses using Porter’s Five Forces, to understanding how we are positioned within the market using STP mapping, to developing dynamic financial models, the consulting course has prepared me to address a wide range of business problems, if not all, with confidence.

Panyakorn Rakpanitmanee
Michigan Class of 2018

For consulting we had to to be able to analyze data like a data scientist, create a PowerPoint deck like a designer, do excel modeling like a broker. For me, this aspect of the course, in addition to an awesome instructor and TAs, makes every class so enjoyable.

Liam Collins
University of Hong Kong Class of 2020

Our teacher, Anton, created a dynamic that really inspired me to perform and to squeeze every bit of learning and enjoyment out of this course - our final project wouldn't have been the same without his drive.

Dina Sokol
Emory University Class of 2022

The class has definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone, but in a good way. I have worked with many different people who come from different backgrounds and experience levels.

How the iX Remote program works.

Gain an entirely new skill set and internship experience in six weeks.
First two weeks: Online course
Aligned with high-growth industries to improve your career prospects.
For any major. No experience required.
Sets you up to create value during your internship.
Next four weeks: Online internship
Guaranteed placement at a company abroad.
Continuous support from your manager and teachers.
Career coaching from a dedicated coach (Remote Plus only).
Dates & availability
for Management Consulting
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May 24 - July 4


Session 2
July 5 - August 15


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