Do a course and an iX Micro-internship abroad this winter.

Do a course and an iX Micro-internship abroad this winter.

Boost your career while exploring the

Join a network of 3000+ students.

Explore their stories.

Fara Islam

From UVA

Camryn Okere

From WashU

Haider Khan

From McMaster

Haider Khan

From McMaster

What you get at iX.

  • 2 weeks of learning technical career skills.
  • An iX Micro-internship project for your resume (these
    are short yet impactful real world client projects).
  • Adventures and excursions.
  • New friends & global connections.
  • Certificate of completion.
  • Access to the iX Alumni Network Platform.

Ram Patel

From UMich

Studying, traveling & working is the future of learning.

We offer programs that deliver real world skills, adventures, and global work experience in beautiful locations around the world.

See our Winter break programs below, which you can take at the iX campuses abroad.

What is an iX

An iX Micro-internship is a short online client project that integrates seamlessly with your chosen iX Career Bootcamp course, to enable you to work on a real world deliverable to boost your portfolio and resume.

We've partnered with over 150 organizations globally to ensure our courses empower your experience and exposure to the real world.

We know travelling is a big decision. We're here to help.

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Choose your city to explore.

They are all different but amazing in their own way.

Costa Rica

A dream destination in the Puntarenas region, our Costa Rica program is split between the beaches of Jacó and forest of Monteverde.

Mexico (coming soon)

Sayulita is a beautiful beach town on Mexico's Pacific coast known for its waves, delicious food, and friendly people. It's the ideal location for learning to surf and immersing yourself in the local culture.

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