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Web Development Intensive Course

In Costa Rica only.
No experience required.
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Learn to code and open up new career paths.

In a world where tech skills are in incredible demand, you need to master technology to be a competitive hire. We'll teach you the latest technologies to enable you to build websites at breakneck speed. In addition to introducing you to the theoretical foundations, we'll give practical tools so you can apply your knowledge to create things you and others can use.

Zack Chauvin, iX Web Development 2014
Now working as a Software Engineer at Facebook
"While a college education in computer science gives you insight into programming theory, very little time is spent on practical skills. I came into the course with virtually no experience in web development, but after iX, I can feel confident in my ability to see applications through from start to finish. Before even finishing the course, I’ve had plenty of people invite me to develop their projects and I’ve started building apps that I’m passionate about."

iX Web Development alumni have gone on to work at

Build an in-depth, practical skill set.

iX classes quickly prepare you to create real-world value. Small class sizes mean you build personal relationships with your teaching team.
The languages that power every single website in the world.
The web's most popular programming language for the forseeable future.
Structure, store, update, and destroy your app's data in the cloud.
Master Express, the most popular Javascript backend framework.
Git & Agile
The industry standard workflow for engineers worldwide.
How the Internet actually works, and how to keep your apps protected.
Push your code live on the Internet in minutes, for free!
Now that you have the skills, learn to land the job.

Apply your skills immediately.

iX courses enable you to build projects that mimic what you'd create in real life, and build a portfolio to show future employers.
Build you, online

Start building your personal brand in days.

Create functional sites

Use your skills to create value for the world.

Launch new products

Every company needs a website.

Talk with us

Our course advisors are experts at helping you craft the perfect summer.

Find a time

from our alumni.

Liza McPherson
Harvard Class of 2018

I am returning to school confident in my decision to major in Computer Science and am relatively certain that I want to be a software engineer after I graduate.

Raul Rodriguez
Dartmouth Class of 2019

I came with no prior coding experience, but after having taken the web development course, I’ve managed to become fluent in three different programming languages – HTML, CSS and Javascript. Honing these front-end languages has enabled me to contribute to SAOTA’s new VR website and design content that is aesthetically pleasing. From designing parallax layers to styling layouts, I’ve spent the past three weeks doing fulfilling work that both reinforces the knowledge I’ve learned in class and prepared me for my future endeavors.

Caitlin Hayles
University of British Columbia Class of 2016

I had absolutely no coding experience whatsoever when I began this course, which is why it is so surprising how quickly I was able to build an online booking system...I completed my first project in one week’s time using primarily JavaScript and HTML. It is incredibly rewarding to be able to learn on-the-go and build code from scratch that is completely different from anything I have ever done.

Emma Fass
University of Virginia Class of 2018

I am a comp sci major but did not have the opportunity to learn web development through school. This was an awesome way to learn new skills and travel at the same time. I enjoyed the teaching style and learned so much from Gabe, Allie, Ben and Rafi. The lessons were fast-paced and the teaching staff pushed us to do our best without using grades as motivation.

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